Improve Quality and Dignity in Psychiatric Care

Avoid Unnecessary Hospital Admissions and Minimize ED Boarding

Built on a foundation of compassion and dignity, CEP America’s revolutionary Psychiatric Hospitalist model offers better patient outcomes, and satisfied patients and families. We provide appropriate, timely, and compassionate care designed to stabilize and treat acute psychiatric patients. Download now to receive:

  • How to customize care through Telepsychiatry, Crisis Stabilization Units, and Psychiatric Hospitalist models
  • Tips for prompt psychiatric care with an emergency medicine-focused approach
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To combat the epidemic of long wait times and unnecessary ED boarding, CEP America’s board-certified psychiatrists:

Customized care through telepsychiatry

Provide customized care through telepsychiatry

Crisis Stablization Units

Support the development and medical oversight of Crisis Stabilization Units

Revolutionary Psychiatric Hospitalist model

Staff inpatient units through our revolutionary Psychiatric Hospitalist model

About CEP America

About CEP America

We are a physician-owned, physician-led partnership, delivering integrated acute care services aligned with your organizational and strategic goals. Founded in 1975, we serve more than 6.3 million patients at over 250 practices throughout the United States.

Engage staff, maximize efficiency, and deliver exceptional patient experiences.

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